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XFX débuts bifold amusement fan system

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XFX is assuming off a fresh acknowledgment architecture for its cartoon agenda – and accordingly it’s absolutely agnate to the dual-fan architecture that Sapphire debuted for its fresh 6970, dual-BIOS, stock-clocked card.

That’s right. This is addition accompanying Acer Aspire 8920 cpu cooling fan design, which has been a basic of high-end, dual-GPU cards for the accomplished few years, but is acutely acceptable added accepted for single-chip cards now.

XFX claims that while there are added imitators out there, its dual-fan bureaucracy is quieter than all of them. There isn’t abundant to actualize this affirmation at the moment, except a fancy-looking promo image:

XFX Dual fan

While XFX ability affirmation that its agenda is quieter than everybody else’s, 45dB isn’t that quiet. Some of the ‘silent’ CPU coolers out there are sub-20dB, which is absolutely acceptable adamantine for a animal ear to aces up.

In agreement of what’s beneath the two fans, XFX has three absolute acquaintance heatpipes. These are the affectionate apparent on absolutely a few CPU acknowledgment designs area the heatpipes themselves accomplish up the majority of the amount that contacts the chip. They’ve accurate to be absolutely a cost-effective adjustment of carrying acceptable performance. Fabricated of awful conductive copper, XFX’s fresh architecture should prove able as continued as the admirers can move abundant air to air-conditioned the fins.

XFX Heatpipes

XFX hasn’t chock-full there, though: it has additionally acclimated what it agreement a “Special XFX Exhaust Bracket”, which boils bottomward to a PCI agenda ascent bracket. with a grille in it. It does, howeve,r affection an XFX logo Acer Aspire 7741 cpu cooling fan, in case you’d abandoned who fabricated your cartoon card.

XFX Backplate

While they affirmation this increases beat air by a third and lowers temperature bottomward by an added 2 degrees, one has to admiration how abundant this could be bigger by artlessly demography out the XFX logo altogether. Presumably abbreviation air turbulence added would additionally allay the affair bottomward more…?

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