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How to Alter a CPU Fan on a Toshiba Satellite P30 RV2

September 24th, 2013 No comments

The CPU fan is one of the best capital genitalia of your Toshiba Satellite P30. Modern processors accomplish acute amounts of heat, and after a fan to accumulate them air-conditioned they will bound overheat. An overheated processor will account your computer to shut bottomward and acceptable account abiding damage. There are absolutely two CPU admirers in the P30. If you anticipate one of your CPU admirers in your Toshiba Satellite A300 cpu cooling fan is activity bad, you should alter it as anon as possible. Doing so requires alone a few basal tools.



Unplug the ability bond from your laptop and lay it face bottomward with the advanced adverse you. Abolish the array by sliding and captivation the absolution about-face and affairs the array out of the bay.


Remove the two screws captivation the hard-drive awning in abode and abolish the cover. The hard-drive awning is amid on the appropriate ancillary of the laptop base. Accelerate the adamantine drive to the appropriate to abstract it from the motherboard and lift it out of the hard-drive bay.


Remove the three screws captivation the centre awning in abode and abolish the cover, absolute the anamnesis sticks and wireless card. Spread the latches on the abandon of the anamnesis sticks to pop them up. Accelerate them out of the sockets. Abolish the spiral captivation the metal wireless agenda brace in abode and abolish the brace. Abstract the antenna cables from the agenda and accelerate it out of the socket.


Remove the distinct screw, amid to the larboard of the Toshiba label, captivation the optical drive in place. The bend of the optical drive is arresting in the hard-drive bay. Use your feel to advance the aback bend of the optical drive and accelerate the drive out of the laptop base.


Remove the 17 screws actual on the basal of the laptop. Turn the laptop over and accessible the affectation panel.


Use a flathead screwdriver to pry up the keyboard bezel aloft the keyboard. Abolish the bezel. Abolish the two screws captivation the keyboard in place. Use a screwdriver to columnist bottomward the lock aloft the “F8″ key and lift the keyboard up. Abstract the keyboard cable from the motherboard and abolish the keyboard.


Pull the wireless antenna cables through the aperture in the motherboard. Unplug the affectation cable from the motherboard. Abolish the two screws captivation the affectation console in abode and lift it beeline up to abolish it.


Disconnect the touchpad cable from the motherboard. Abolish the six screws captivation the top awning in place. use a flathead screwdriver to anxiously pry the top awning off of the laptop base. Lift up and abolish the top cover.


Use a hex screwdriver to abolish the two screws on either ancillary of the VGA port. Abstract the apostle cables from the motherboard. Abolish the three Toshiba Satellite L305d cpu fan screws captivation the motherboard in place. Lift up the larboard ancillary of the motherboard and accelerate it out of the laptop base.


Remove the four screws captivation the CPU admirers in place. Turn the motherboard over and abstract the fan cables from the motherboard. Abolish the fans. Alter them with fresh admirers and arouse your P30.

Tips and warnings

Even if alone one fan is bad, it’s a acceptable abstraction to alter both of them. That way you won’t accept to do this afresh back the added one break down.

Consider application stronger fans. They will actualize added noise, but will additionally accumulate your arrangement cooler.

Never assignment on a laptop after cutting an electrostatic wrist band. The wrist bandage will arena you and anticipate changeless electricity from damaging the brittle genitalia of your laptop