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Has Liquid Cooling Killed the Heatsink star?

September 19th, 2013 No comments

I’ll be honest, afore alive for Antec, I anticipation of Aqueous CPU coolers as a bad idea. I mean, Really? Liquid. In your computer? Why not aloof being chewing gum in the optical drive? Something about it aloof did not sit appropriate with me Lenovo Ideapad Y560 cpu cooling fan. But back I congenital my fresh gaming PC aftermost month, a aide absolutely pushed me to install a Kuhler H20 620 for my fresh Intel i5 2500K, so I went with it. Let me say the affair was a dream.

But actuality is the question: Are aqueous CPU coolers the beachcomber of the future? Or are they aloof a novelty?

Previous ancestors of aqueous CPU coolers

Understandably, bodies are apprehensive of aqueous CPU coolers. Aboriginal off, aqueous and aerial achievement PC electronics about do not mix. So there is some attrition there. But alike added is the actuality that aqueous cooling technology is aloof now communicable up. Its seems that the aboriginal bearing of aqueous CPU coolers larboard a bad aftertaste in people’s mouths and accept fabricated it difficult to to accept this fresh technology.


Previously, aqueous cooling technology was, well, not effective. The cooling achievement was bound and the amount was acutely high. The systems were complicated and difficult to install while the pumps were anemic and abounding bare to be army alfresco of the computer case. In abounding ways, aqueous cooling was added of a gimmick; a way to pimp your gaming PC, attending air-conditioned and affect your friends. Anyone who knew, would never accept advised them to be a applicable battling to the archetypal CPU heatsinks we grew up with.

New technology brings aqueous cooling into the mainstream

But as with all technologies, already aqueous cooling arrangement got the adventitious to assignment through their growing pains, what emerged was an astoundingly acceptable product, ideal for high-performance gaming PCs. Lets use my acquaintance as an example. Back architecture a PC two months ago in the Antec office, a aide apprenticed me to install the Antec Kuhler H20 620. Like others, I was a bit leery. Aqueous cooling against a accepted heatsink? Do I absolutely charge it? What about accession and refilling? What about ability consumption? And would it alike work?

Well, I can say that it installed absolutely actually in a few Lenovo Ideapad S10 cpu fan account and today it makes about no noise., nor accept I apparent any apparent access in my ability consumption. Perhaps best importantly, I can abridge my aqueous acknowledgment achievement this way: I run my PC on ultra aerial settings, arena Shogun Total War 2 for hours on end, yet the air advancing out of my bankrupt admirers is ice cold. That’s right, the Kuhler 62o has angry my gaming PC into an air conditioner. I couldn’t be happier.

But this is aloof he tip of the iceberg. Back you attending at price, aqueous coolers are absolutely closing the gap. Consider Antec’s Kuhler H20 620 that sells on Newegg for $62.99 to the Thermaltake Frio Overclocking CPU acknowledgment that amount $65.00. Back you see prices like this and buck in apperception the bigger achievement of aqueous cooling in accepted (no amount what cast you adjudge to buy), you absolutely accept to admiration why the CPU heatsink still exists?