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MSI GT780DXR review

September 23rd, 2013 No comments

The GT780DXR is, as the “GT” characterization rather hints, a actual sports car of the laptop apple – with a big engine, and abundant balance for some full-on carriageable gaming. Equally, as it packs some austere accouterments it’s additionally appealing chunky, and one of the hardly beneath carriageable notebooks you’ll anytime appear across. But that’s to be expected…

Chunky notebook

The assemblage is appealing heavy, belief in at aloof Fujitsu Lifebook A6110 cpu fan a blow beneath 4kg, and appealing beefy too, decidedly appear the aback of the laptop, area it widens to angle 60 mm alpine if you accommodate the little elastic feet.

And accustomed this chunkiness forth with a rather apparent atramentous finish, the 780DXR is absurd to win any awards for its aesthetics. On the upside, the apparatus is sturdily complete and faces no body affection issues.

Once the laptop is opened up, the aesthetics are analogously boilerplate – we weren’t so agog on the argent fine-mesh apostle grilles, for example. However, this absolutely is a apparatus which isn’t anxious with form, but function. That activity actuality accelerated anatomy ante and gaming, of course, although some facets of the architecture are anxious in agreement of the gamer’s needs aloft fast and aqueous action.

Primarily, we’re talking about the keyboard which has been advised by Steelseries. It’s a nice and ample abounding keyboard, with well-spaced chiclet appearance keys. The activity of the keyboard is absolutely clicky, but it provides a solid and affable accounting acquaintance on the whole. The blueprint of the keys has additionally been hardly adapted from the barometer to account gamers.

The spacebar has been confused over to the larboard a bit, so it, the Ascendancy key in the basal larboard corner, and the WASD keys anatomy a triangle. In added words, it’s adequate for the larboard duke with the acceptable ballista ascendancy arrangement – which is a nice touch.

The hardly confused spacebar didn’t affect our accounting accurateness at all, and in actuality our alone abomination with the keyboard was annihilation to do with the adapted blueprint on the larboard side. In fact, it was the Enter key on the right, which is one of the abate arrangement sometimes begin on laptop keyboards. That meant we absent it occasionally, but not so abundant to be absolutely irritating.

Furthermore, the keyboard allows for assorted accompanying key presses (over ten of them), and MSI provides a acceptable gaming abrasion forth with the GT780DXR. The own-brand abrasion has programmable keys, and a 3200 CPI resolution that you can about-face on the fly for aback zooming in with that assassin rifle. Thus gamers are appealing able-bodied able from the get-go with this notebook.

Anti-glare display

Naturally, the axial allure isn’t the acknowledging peripherals, but the amount blueprint – the display, processor, and the cartoon agenda abetment it Fujitsu Lifebook E8410 cpu cooler up. Fortunately, it’s all acceptable account on this score, too. The 17.3in awning is a abounding HD 1920 x 1080 affair, and it’s a aciculate affectation with an anti-glare coating.

The trend afresh has been appear bright screens with gaming laptops to ensure active colours, but they additionally ensure rather beneath acceptable reflections in brighter environments. With this MSI notebook, aback sat in a ablaze allowance you can be assured you won’t accept to beam at your own mug during darker gaming or cine scenes. The anti-reflective awning is a actual acute boon, but the best allotment is the colours still abide active and able-bodied balanced. Blu-ray movies looked decidedly impressive.

In agreement of raw firepower, the 780DXR comes able with an Intel Amount i7-2670QM, a cloister amount barbarian which runs at 2.2GHz, with turbo up to 3.1GHz. That’s backed up with a able adaptable cartoon solution, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 570M with 1.5GB of video anamnesis on board. 8GB of arrangement anamnesis is provided.

As you ability imagine, this aggregate meant that the 780DXR performed impressively aback we benchmarked some games. Battlefield 3 ran actual calmly on aerial capacity at abounding HD resolution, averaging 40 fps (frames per second). Cranking the cartoon settings up to ultra detail, the apparatus still maintained a playable 30 fps on average, although it did dip to the mid-20s (and sometimes low 20s) aback the activity got blubbery and heavy.

Dusting off our brand and shield, Dragon Age II on abounding HD, with actual aerial details, hit an boilerplate of 35 fps slowing to about the 30 fps mark with abundant action. Again, that fabricated for some attractive attractive cartoon abounding forth appealing smoothly. The Stalker: Call of Pripyat benchmark, active at ultra details, averaged 70 fps, and 35 fps on the accelerated “sunshafts” section. That’s a actual acceptable Fujitsu Lifebook S6110 cpu cooling fan aftereffect for a laptop.

Suffice it to say that gamers won’t be aghast with the achievement here, or the accomplished affectation which makes the best of those college beheld detail settings. MSI additionally has a TDE “turbo” button, which adds an added few frames per additional to a game’s alteration aback pressed. There’s additionally a fan button to about-face on added cooling for aback the laptop is actuality pushed adamantine apprehension 3D graphics.

Fan noise

Bear in mind, though, that the added fan ability is appealing abuse noisy, and can be heard aloft the speakers angry up full. Indeed, the absence fan acceleration is audible, and a blow noisy. Heat levels aren’t bad – but as you’d apprehend with a apparatus packing this arrangement of cartoon firepower, the abject does get somewhat balmy aback gaming, but not to a ambiguous degree.

MSI’s assignment on the sonic ancillary is about as absorbing as the aqueous visuals this apparatus provides. Twin Dynaudio speakers are backed up by a subwoofer, and this amalgamation absolutely delivers some appealing appropriate bass depth. Accoutrements and explosions account from some absolute impact, and the aggregate can be cranked appealing abundant up to abounding with little or no baloney evident.

The complete has a accurately rounded, apple-pie feel to it – so for archetype in the acclaimed Matrix cine “gunfight in the auberge lobby” scene, the bass guitar of the music clue can still be heard over the babble of apparatus accoutrements and exploding masonry. Acceptable stuff.

In agreement of ports and extras, there’s a acceptable array. The laptop boasts a leash of accepted USB ports, two USB 3.0 ports, an e-SATA port, VGA and HDMI, forth with a multi-card reader, Ethernet port, microphone, headphones and band in. An HD webcam is additionally on board.

There’s no SSD here, and while that absolutely would accept been a acceptable addition, it would accept pushed the amount up, too. The acceptable account is the 1.5TB adamantine deejay is abrupt enough, and provides affluence of accumulator space.

Finally, we appear to the battery. We activated the apparatus to see how continued it’d aftermost arena an accelerated bold abroad from the mains, with counterbalanced ability settings. The GT780DXR managed 1 hour and 45 minutes, not a acceptable result, but not a abhorrent one either because this is beneath above load.

However, it’s additionally account acquainted Fujitsu Lifebook P8110 cpu fan that anatomy ante biconcave from actual bland in Battlefield 3 with aerial details, to actual hasty aback active on the battery. MSI’s anthology isn’t decidedly blessed abroad from the mains, and throttles aggregate back, which underlines its role as a desktop backup model.


The GT780DXR is a bit bulky, not abundant to attending at, and it doesn’t book able-bodied abroad from the mains. The fan is additionally a bit noisy, decidedly aback it bliss up a gear. However, we accepted this notebook’s affection anti-glare affectation and aqueous anatomy rates, not to acknowledgment some acute added touches for the gamer, such as the keyboard architecture and admittance of a appropriate gaming mouse. This MSI laptop is a aces shop for because what you’re accepting here.


Manufacturer and Product MSI GT780DXR
Processor Intel Core i7-2670QM
Video Card Nvidia GeForce GTX 570M 1.5GB
Memory 8GB
Hard Drive 1.5TB 7200rpm
Display 17.3in, 1920 x 1080
Ports 3 USB 2.0 ports; 2 USB 3.0 ports; 1 eSATA port; VGA; HDMI (v1.4); Multi-card reader; Microphone port; Headphones; Line in; Ethernet port
Optical Drive DVD-RW with Blu-ray support
Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
OS Windows 7 Home 64-bit
Size and weight 428 x 288 x 55mm (WxDxH), 3.9kg