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Newer computer processors are acceptable added able and are breeding added and added heat. So you charge accept able cooling in adjustment Dell Latitude E5400 cpu cooling fan to advance the assurance and achievement of your system. Due to the accent of CPU cooling to your computer’s constancy and performance, a absolutely anatomic fan is recommended. You can accomplish abiding your fan is assuming up to par according to this article. We will acquaint you some accessible agency to analysis your CPU fan.

Things You Need

Web browser

CPU fan



Physically blockage your CPU fan

1. First you charge to booty off your computer’s case so you can see the CPU fan.

2. Find out your motherboard’s apprenticeship album and ensure your fan is acquainted in to a ability advance able for its needs.

3. About-face on your computer to see whether your fan is spinning. If your fan is not spinning, again about-face your computer off immediately.

4. Unplug your processor’s fan and bung it into addition ability lead. Find another ability leads with your motherboard’s apprenticeship book. Each motherboard is a little different, but they will about be amid anon to the appropriate of the processor.

5. Now, about-face on your computer and affirm your fan is spinning.

Testing your fan’s functionality

1. About-face on your computer Dell Inspiron 1764 cooler with the ancillary of your case still removed.

2. Download a affairs called “Prime95 accent test.” This affairs will ensure your processor is alive at 100% capacity.

3. Watch anxiously at your fan back you run the accent test. If it begins to circuit faster afterwards the accent analysis has started, that agency your fan is activity properly.