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Quiet & Efficient heat sink from the innovative design Foxconn 30L3

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Eyeful verdant spring just left, has been blowing hot summer, when people are too busy thinking about how to make yourself and your family from the hot weather in the rescue when the best partner for home and work computers also Toshiba Portege R700 cpu cooling fan naturally becomes the focus of attention. How to computers in the hot summer heat, while ensuring a quiet home & work environment? Cooling effect is required, or a request for acoustics? This is a dilemma of choice! The face of this dilemma, it is in constant balance, constant trade-offs. Therefore, the market has been calling mute, and efficient cooling products.

However, the current market mute, efficient cooling products are water-cooled structure, or liquid nitrogen structure, not only very expensive, ongoing maintenance products more difficult, but once the heat transfer medium to the computer system against leakage would be fatal, so the quality excellent, inexpensive, safe and reliable air-cooled heat sink is the first choice for most users. Radiator tier manufacturers Foxconn in order to meet our customers mute, efficient demand specially introduced radiator New CMI-775-30L3, the radiator fan blades patented one-piece frame design, technology and innovation to achieve the air-cooling The Mute & efficient.

In general, the radiator fan fan frame is fixed, fan to fan box to the center of the column as the axis to rotate, rotating blades in the air will produce romantic, romantic games away heat sink heat, thereby reduce the surface temperature reaches the heat sink effect. When the radiator airflow in constant surface heat away at the same time, Merry will continue to be intimate contact with the fan frame, resulting in a little voice, commonly known as noise. Generally speaking, relative to the fan box fan speed is higher, the greater the noise will be generated, and the fan blades in order to reduce the relative speed between the frames, thereby reducing noise, Foxconn careful study and repeated practice, and finally create this Perfect Silent heatsink CMI-775-30L3, a product that uses a new patented technology, the integration of the “hydrodynamic” and “noise study” of the essence, so that the air-cooled radiator noise control to a new level.

Foxconn CMI-775-30L3 radiator

Foxconn’s classic, CMI-775-30L3 radiator, using the current unique fan blade frame integral patented technology, integrated structure of the fan, the space between the blades exist as an independent unit, each spatial flow generated without disturbing each other, thus avoiding prevalent in the general fan, fan the mutual interference between the airflow, the fan on the whole more powerful air flow, and enhance the heat dissipation effect. Meanwhile, because of its frame is connected to the fan blades, thus the synchronous operation between the two, thus reducing the maximum extent possible the noise. Overall, the patented design not only ingenious, but also can effectively increase the product Toshiba Satellite U300 cpu cooler amount of wind noise reduction products, the product’s overall performance has been improved more perfect.

Foxconn CMI-775-30L3 radiator

Foxconn The CMI-775-30L3 radiator fan blade design is also very characteristic, it uses a long, medium, short, a combination of three kinds of blades, combined with “fluid mechanics” of the basic theory of rational order, thus When the fan is running more efficiently driven airflow, which greatly reduces the airflow obstruction, so that the fan is running because Merry generated within the maximum amount of wind into. The radiator trefoil Foxconn conjoined structure effectively avoided the ordinary fan prone to wind pressure mutually exclusive, but leaves frame combination, unique, to achieve the “feel the wind and not smell” realm.

This ingenious Foxconn radiator is equipped with a 9225 circular blue box fan, the speed is only about 1800RPM, integrated in the blade structure of the fan frame, based on the low speed fan to bring the product is silent muted effect, but the product is also unaffected wind output, the maximum amount of wind up 35.71CFM. Radiator which is high quality aluminum heat sink for the bottom, black anodized surface, so that the product be significantly improved thermal performance, fully able to meet the current mainstream Toshiba Satellite P100 cpu cooling fan Intel platform CPU cooling needs.

Foxconn CMI-775-30L3 radiator has a comprehensive listing of the market in terms of price positioning at the end customer demand, market price is only at 68 yuan, and its clever design, low price and stable quality so that the product price is fully able to meet consumer demand, resulting in consumers.

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