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Laptop CPU cooling fan abortion Grand Collection

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The capital action of the Sony Vgn Sz670n CPU Cooling Fan anthology centralized firmware is to blow calefaction appearing out, if the CPU fan fails, such as CPU fan does not about-face up or about-face actual slowly, because the anthology will not administer the calefaction central out, abrogation the anthology Firmware temperature acceleration Laptop crashes dejected awning appears aerial imagination. Thus ensuring a acceptable CPU fan circling can agreement the accustomed assignment achievement notebook, the afterward is the columnist calm some CPU cooling fan failure, for your reference.


1, CPU fan stops advance to crashes


Symptom: Laptop CPU fan sometimes stops turning, causing the CPU temperature is too aerial and crash.


Troubleshooting: The accepted adaptable CPU basically has a temperature protection. Aback the CPU temperature exceeds a assertive limit, it will blast or reboot, thereby attention the CPU. If the CPU fan problems, it should be repaired as anon as accessible in adjustment to troubleshoot and ensure the accustomed operation of the fan.


2, CPU fan installed in abode arch to common crashes


Symptom: A IBM T42 laptop, aloof alpha afterwards active for some time will apathetic down, but there is no acumen to agitation and automated restart of the phenomenon.


Troubleshooting: Since the Sony Vgn Sz770n CPU Cooling Fan noisy, afterwards the laptop CPU fan had been dismantled done clean. Therefore, to actuate the botheration may be the CPU fan, CPU temperature is too aerial and account problems. Laptop afar afresh see, it absolutely is the aboriginal T42 CPU fan screws are in place, and again reinstall the accountability does not appear. Abortion Comments: If crashes and restarts, and not due to the virus acquired by abnormal use, it may be acquired by the CPU temperature is too high. If the laptop’s CPU cooling fan cooling aftereffect is not good, arch to operating temperature is too high, it may advance to common crashes.


3, CPU cooling aqueduct blockage acquired by downtime


Symptom: a Lenovo laptop sun 420A, alpha alive added than one hour afterwards the abrupt shutdown, afterwards a while can be switched to accessible one would again stop.


Troubleshooting: Since the arrangement is not able to cossack instructions accouterments problem, apparently due to the CPU temperature is too high, automatically accessible the careful action and downtime. Accessible laptop computer to analysis and begin no problems Sony Vgn Cs27 CPU Cooling Fan, accessible cooling aqueduct and begin aqueduct blocked by some boner items (shown), to apple-pie up afterwards the laptop recovery, troubleshooting.


4, anthology computer’s CPU fan rpm stop


Symptom: Toshiba M2 laptop, in use for some time and begin the CPU fan sometimes about-face sometimes does not turn, but the activity anatomy temperature has been high.


Troubleshooting: The laptop fan is the use of temperature ascendancy design, the accepted CPU temperature is college than 70 ℃ alone aback rotated. Anatomy temperature is aerial does not beggarly that the centralized temperature is absolutely high.


5, laptop CPU fan has been rotated


Symptom: a laptop computer, the fan is active accustomed programs (such as Word, browsing the web) aback bristles account alteration time, continuance 5 to 6 minutes. If you are active the affairs is too ample (such as 3DS MAX) will advance the circling accept a abundant noise.


Troubleshooting: This is a accustomed phenomenon, the laptop fan is temperature ascendancy design, alone alcove a assertive temperature will rotate, some with AMD processor-based notebooks, the ability burning is almost large. Therefore, the abundance of circling of the fan will be college than on added models, during the big bold on a added accustomed rotation.


6, the anthology computer’s CPU fan does not turn


Symptom: a laptop computer and begin that the CPU fan to the aback console of the computer is active actual aerial temperatures does not turn, again doubtable the CPU fan is broken. Later it was begin aback the computer starts cocky about-face about, the fan is no botheration with the anchor on. But do not accept why in the aback console beneath aerial temperature still does not turn.


Troubleshooting: CPU CPU cooling fan is mainly for alone aback the CPU temperature is college than 70 ℃ or so will circle its heat. In addition, the aback console temperature problems are not necessarily acquired by the CPU, adamantine drive, memory, cartoon cards and motherboards and added genitalia of the calefaction is acceptable to accumulate here, so the aback console temperature and Sony Vaio Vgn-fz20 CPU fan is alternating necessarily linked. In addition, it is recommended to run the big bold to test, if the aeon of time the CPU fan not turn, there may be a botheration of CPU fan.


Deal with the problems of the CPU cooling fan to accomplish the anthology assignment properly. So aback we shop for laptops, anthology agreement issues in because charge additionally accede the laptop CPU fan cooling performance, this notebook’s activity will be a little longer.

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