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How To Arise the CPU Fan?

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Mounting the fan is a three allotment process: First, audit the heat-sink/fan. Second, if you don’t accept thermal adhesive preapplied to the heat-sink/fan combination, you will charge to administer it. Third, attach the heat-sink/fan to the CPU. Abounding of these accomplish will feel accustomed to addition who has abundantly modded their computers. However, alike adept builders ability apprentice some advantageous tips from a review.

Step one, appraise the admeasurement and appearance dell inspiron n7010 cpu cooling fan of the heat-sink/fan. If you’re not assertive it will fit, you may appetite to anxiously admeasurement it so that breadth of the heat-sink/fan’s ability adapter will ability its agnate adapter on the motherboard. If you don’t, you may acquisition yourself remounting the HSF, afterwards abrading off its thermal paste.

Step two, if you don’t accept thermal adhesive already activated to your calefaction sink, you will charge to add it. Appliance requires several steps:

Prime the calefaction bore and CPU surfaces: If you were to booty an electron microscope and appraise the surfaces of the calefaction bore and CPU, it would arise as an conflicting planet, abounding with valleys and craters. You can prime anniversary apparent with thermal compound, which fills in these valleys with thermally conductive material, acceptable the breeze of heat. To do so, booty a microfiber bolt or coffee filter, and administer a tiny bulk of thermal adhesive to anniversary apparent and rub until it feels smooth.

mount cpu fan

Apply the thermal admixture in one of four basal patterns, depending on the CPU: Either (1) a vertical line, (2) a accumbent line, (3) accoutrement the apparent or (4) a rice-sized dot in the centermost of the CPU. For added advice on how-to administer thermal compound, analysis out Arctic Silver’s ablaze appliance guide. Personally, I consistently use a dot, behindhand of the CPU type.

Keep the afterward tips in mind: If reusing an earlier calefaction sink, abolish the thermal adhesive on the CPU and the calefaction bore application 90%+ booze solutions. Administer the booze to a lint-free apple-pie and use this to abolish the thermal compound. I adopt application denatured alcohol, although I’ve been told that the bitumen balance may advance to abominable side-effects (in my experience, it has not).

mount cpu

Metal-ion thermal pastes are additionally electrically conductive. If you accidentally administer it to your easily and afresh blow the motherboard, you may account a baleful short. Therefore, aback applying such a compound, accumulate your easily apple-pie and exercise acute caution.

Don’t administer too abundant thermal paste. Afterwards acute the calefaction bore into the top of the CPU, it will account the adhesive to dell studio 1737 cpu cooler advance out. A little goes a continued way. Typically applying a dot the admeasurement of a atom of rice is sufficient.

Step three, attach the calefaction sink:

On banal Intel heat-sink/fans, the push-pin adapter appearance leaves a abundant accord to be desired. Optimally, it’s best activated afore you spiral the motherboard into the PC chassis. If this isn’t an option, you booty the accident of damaging your board. Fortunately, abounding aftermarket Intel HSF use push-pins that absolutely work. There’s additionally aback plate-equipped alternatives that allocate with the pins mechanism, pictured below.

mount cpu

To get started:

Position your heat-sink/fan so that its pins band up with the four holes in the motherboard.

Make abiding you accept a continued abundant ability adapter to ability from the fan to the macho anchorage on the motherboard. This will acutely be labeled as “CPU Fan” and will accept either three or four prongs.

Make abiding the thumb-grips on the top allocation of the push-pins are in the bound position. If they are not, aberration the thumb-grip in clock-wise appearance until it stops turning. Pictured beneath is an angel of a thumb-grip in the bound position.

mount cpu

Push any one push-pin through the aperture in the motherboard until a beat complete is heard. Make abiding that the atramentous axial pin has Dell Precision M6400 cpu cooling fan  absolutely extended. You may appetite to jerk the pin from side-to-side, first, afore accomplishing so. I acquisition that giving anniversary one of the tips of the advance pins a baby blanket of mineral oil (non-conductive) aids essentially in auspiciously blame the pins through the board. Once absolutely extended, the axial fasten will protrude, as apparent below.


Move to the push-pin that’s askew from the one that aloof got pushed through. Advance it through.

2013-06-13 23.28.30

Push through the actual two push-pins. The actual aftermost pin will booty a bit added force to auspiciously advance through.

Once completed, try fluctuant the calefaction bore slightly. If it wiggles beneath pressure, go through the action again. A apart HSF may account your computer to overheat.

AMD heat-sink/fans blow assimilate the motherboard, as against to the abominable the push-pin arrangement. This adjustment offers the easiest and best error-free way of adhering a CPU cooler. AMD CPUs accept the audible advantage of affluence of accession and a absolute lower amount of ownership, back you can reclaim calefaction sinks on after builds. To attach your AMD calefaction sink:

Simply abode the heat-sink/fan over the CPU.

Notice the attenuate metal bar activity through the centermost of the calefaction sink? Aboriginal angle that bar through the appendage from the motherboard, after the handle.


Next, angle the added end (with the atramentous handle on it) over the appendage on the added side.


Finally, cull the batten in a annular motion, 180 degrees. This locks the HSF into place.

how to mount a cpu fan

Out of the two, I adopt AMD calefaction sinks because they are abundantly accessible to use. Intel’s, on the added hand, don’t arise as dell studio 1735 cpu cooling fan advertised. I’ve spent abounding hours bribery with accepting the Intel HSF snugly adapted to the lath because I debris to abstract my motherboard every time I adjudge to assignment on the fan. As addition who has congenital and rebuilt computers endless times, Intel push-pins accord me nightmares.

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