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Corsair punts technology to adviser your kit

September 11th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Corsair has had a acceptable assuming at this year’s CES, headlining with a fresh technology for authoritative and ecology all the apparatus of a PC’s Sony Vaio Vpc-eb31fx CPU cooling fan, power, and processing subsystems: Corsair Link.

Developed in affiliation with liquid-cooling specialist CoolIT Systems, Corsair Link is a arrangement that will become accepted above all Corsair apparatus – starting with the Dominator and Dominator GT anamnesis modules with the Airflow Pro air-cooling arrangement and the just-launched Hydro Series H60 liquid-cooling system, and accretion out to beset the company’s PSU and CPU acknowledgment ranges – and allows for all-embracing ascendancy and ecology from a PC interface.

The Corsair Link technology adds a anchorage to all accordant products, which can be absorbed up to the Link Controller, an add-in accessory that letters abstracts including temperature, fan speed, voltage, all-embracing ability consumption, as able-bodied as pump acceleration and aqueous coolant temperature for aqueous cooling systems aback to acomputer application interface on the host PC.

The technology goes above simple monitoring, however, acceptance users to set up profiles that can change accessory backdrop and active aback things aren’t activity as expected. In an example, Corsair suggests a aerial achievement contour which, aback activated, would run all cooling admirers at best speed, access the acceleration of the radiator fan on the company’s H60 aqueous cooling system, accumulate an eye on the temperature of both the CPU and the aqueous in the cooling loop, and alike change the in-case lighting to a added absorbing colour.

Likewise, a lower achievement ambience could bead the fan speeds bottomward to a minimum and about-face any in-case lighting bottomward or off, authoritative the arrangement added affable to use for circadian computing.

Andy Paul, arch controlling at Corsair, appear Sony Vaio Vpc-ea24fm cpu cooling fan the artefact at CES by stating: “We’ve been developing the basal Corsair Link accouterments technology for added than a year, and we are assured that users will be actual blessed with the results.”

Corsair’s Link technology has a assertive acquaintance about it: aback in 2007 Nvidia launched a agnate initiative, dubbed the Enthusiast Arrangement Architecture, which it offered as a royalty-free accepted for inter-component communications based on the USB animal interface accessory class. Sadly, the technology never took off – article Corsair is acquisitive to actual with this avant-garde equivalent.

The Corsair Link Controller, and associated software, is accepted to hit the retail channels in the additional division of this year – but the aggregation is befitting the amount quiet for now.

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