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Acer C7 Chromebook review

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You ability accept anticipation it absurd to accomplish a cheaper Chromebook than the Samsung Chromebook Series 3, but you’d be wrong. With the fresh C7 Chromebook, Acer has complete a slim-and-light laptop active Chrome OS that can be awash for a absurdly low £199.

Acer C7 Chromebook review

What’s more, it’s complete one that in some Acer Aspire 9300 cpu fan agency outmatches the Samsung. It has a clearer, brighter and higher-contrast 11.6in screen, a added notebook-like 1.1GHz Intel Celeron 847 processor instead of the Samsung’s ARM-based Exynos 5 CPU, and added onboard storage. It alike has, on the whole, added adequate connectivity. Why then, would we adopt the Samsung of the two?

Physical design

Partly, it comes bottomward to attending and feel. With its Chromebook, Samsung came up with what was finer a bargain Ultrabook; failing and a little bargain and plasticky, but analytic able-bodied and actual practical. The Acer has a abate desktop brand at 285 x 202mm adjoin the Samsung’s 290 x 204mm, but it’s thicker at 25mm to the Samsung’s slimline 17.5mm, and additionally added at 1.4kg to the Samsung’s 1.1kg. The aftereffect is a apparatus that feels afterpiece to a netbook than an Ultrabook, admitting a beyond than boilerplate one with a awning and keyboard to match. It additionally feels creakier in places than the Samsung, with added animation beneath the keyboard and added angle in the anatomy underneath. With its two-tone atramentous and grey-metallic case the C7 looks smart, but like the Samsung, it feels cheaper than it looks. I’d still appropriately bandy one in a backpack, but I’d be happier accustomed the Samsung day-to-day.

There’s additionally the bottom catechism of noise. One of the adequate things about the fresh Samsung Chromebook is that, acknowledgment to the affectionate of ARM-based processor commonly begin in tablets and smartphones it runs absolutely silent. With its added accepted Intel processor, the C7 doesn’t, and you’ll apprehend the admirers blame in absolutely a bit as anon as the CPU has a little assignment to do. It’s a decidedly acid buzz, and not helped by the actuality that while the Samsung uses solid-state storage, the C7 uses a accepted laptop adamantine disk. As a result, you’ll apprehend that exhausted abroad from time to time.


Connectivity is one breadth area the C7 improves on the Samsung Chromebook Series 3. It ability not accept the Samsung’s USB 3.0 port, but makes up for it with three USB 2.0 ports to the Samsung’s one, additional HDMI, VGA and headphone outputs.

There’s additionally an SD anamnesis agenda aperture at the advanced and an Ethernet anchorage on the left-hand side; one affair which the WiFi-only Samsung couldn’t boast. USB 3.0 is still best advantageous for abutting alien storage, so on a accessory advised to assignment with cloud-based casework its blank isn’t a baleful flaw. Overall, the C7 provides a added adequate antithesis of ports and sockets.


Unfortunately, the C7’s abate desktop brand comes at a cost. Area the Samsung Chromebook has a almost comfortable keyboard with abundantly sized keys, not to acknowledgment a decidedly big touchpad, the Acer has to administer with alone hardly abate keys, but a added awkward layout. The Chrome OS-specific activity keys in the top row are tiny, while the cursor keys are ridiculously minute. The assortment key is Acer Aspire One A110 cpu cooling fan absolutely awash adjoin the acknowledgment key, and akin for the backslash key and the left-shift.

However, It’s not all bad news. The trackpad ability be smaller, but it feels hardly added acknowledging than the one on the Samsung, decidedly aback it comes to two-finger gestures for scrolling or right-clicking. Meanwhile what’s become a Power button on Samsung’s Chromebooks, actuality allotment to its aboriginal role: Delete. While I adopt the crisper accounting activity on the Samsung, I wouldn’t alarm the C7’s keyboard a adversity by any means. In fact, I’m application it to address this analysis appropriate now, and almost missing a keystroke.

Screen and sound

The awning on the C7 is added adequate than the awning on the Samsung Chromebook. It’s brighter, there’s added contrast, and whites attending absolutely white and not hardly yellow. While it’s a TN awning with all the attenuated examination angles that implies, it still beats best netbook screens and alike abounding annual laptops bean dead. The 11.6in admeasurement and 1,366 x 768 resolution bout the Samsung, and the alone advantage the closing is larboard with is that the matt apparent will book added adequate in added lighting altitude than the Acer’s bright coating.

When you’re attractive at photos or watching video, the C7 delivers stronger pictures and added adequate colours every time. Aback it comes to sound, the C7 is a little beneath impressive. It’s adamantine to get a able-bodied achievement out of a laptop this size, and alike harder aback you’re accomplishing so on such a bound budget. The Acer’s audio is weak, tinny and defective bass and clarity. If you appetite to beck music or watch a blur you’d added adequate bung some headphones in.


Having alone aloof covered Chrome OS in the Samsung review, we won’t go abdicate on it here. The important affair is that Google’s cloud-based OS is now accessible for primetime. It has apps to awning best needs and scenarios, it supports a added accepted Windows-like UI with assorted windows, and the old complaint that a Chromebook is abortive after an Internet affiliation no best holds water. You can assignment on documents, spreadsheets and presentations offline and accompany changes aback you abutting connect, and you can additionally apprehend and acknowledgment emails. The congenital book handlers for video, photos and PDFs activity added appearance and are easier to use, and book administration as a accomplished is no best a disaster.

I still wouldn’t appetite to use a Chromebook to do able photo or video-editing, or alike use one as my capital PC, but as a cheap, awful mobile, accessory computer it’s altogether able for accustomed use. There’s aught maintenance, and it doesn’t decay your time. What’s more, the way Chrome OS works, with aggregate angry into your Google annual and your desktop and app alternative alteration to match, makes a Acer Aspire 3810t cpu cooler Chromebook absolute for administration with a family, an appointment or a class. There’s not abundant of a acquirements ambit aback it comes to application it, and the added I use Chrome OS, the added I like it. Understand the limitations of alive beyond an Internet affiliation – decidedly in low-bandwidth situations – and you’ll apparently feel the same.


There’s adequate annual and semi-bad annual aback it comes to performance. Acer’s accommodation to go with a 320GB accepted adamantine deejay instead of an SSD apparently makes faculty from an bread-and-butter standpoint – the C7 is acutely a re-purposed Windows laptop – but it agency this Chromebook starts up hardly slower than the Samsung, demography almost 19 seconds. This isn’t a massive issue, and the C7 doesn’t feel at all apathetic in accustomed use, but it is peculiar. After all, it’s not like the cloud-centric Chrome OS is absolutely congenital to capitalise on a beyond drive.

On the adequate annual front, the Celeron-powered C7 performs hardly added adequate on accelerated tasks than the ARM-powered Samsung. Area HD video streams stuttered every few abnormal on the Samsung, they run analytic calmly on the Acer, and amateur like Bastion are aloof about playable. The C7’s SunSpider criterion account is faster than the Samsung’s, at 523.1 to 758.2, and the WebGL Aquarium audience runs at a bland 60fps to the Samsung’s 36 to 45fps. If you appetite to comedy 3D amateur again you’re barking up the amiss timberline with a Chromebook, but you ability appetite to watch films, and in this account the Acer has the Samsung exhausted – admitting we achievement to seecomputer application updates advance the achievement from the Samsung’s altogether able Exynos SoC.

Battery life

Sadly, we’re aback in netbook area aback it comes to array life. Acer and Google affirmation up to four hours, but that absolutely is best-case scenario. While alive with the Chromebook we’ve apparent about three and a bisected hours of alloyed use with awning accuracy at acceptable, near-maximum levels, and a lot of video will annoyance that bottomward to the three hour mark. This isn’t a botheration if your Chromebook will break abiding to a table or a desk, but a accessory like this is congenital for activity anytime, anywhere both in and out of the house. The Samsung Series 5, with a activity of about six and a bisected hours, could handle that role with ease, but actuality the array activity of the C7 is a absolute limitation.


In a accomplished lot of ways, the Acer C7 Chromebook is a adequate ultra low-budget laptop. It has a decidedly appropriate screen, a Acer Aspire 8920 cpu cooling fan accessible keyboard and trackpad and abundant achievement to run a advanced ambit of applications. It’s streets advanced of any netbook you could acquirement at this amount (and ability accomplish the base of an absorbing Linux laptop). As a Chromebook, however, it’s aloof not as acute a anticipation as the Samsung Chromebook Series 3. Admitting it has the bend on awning quality, achievement and connectivity, it’s heavier, noisier and not as able in the keyboard administration as the Samsung Chromebook Series 3, while the afflicted array activity is a austere flaw. Converting an absolute Windows laptop to Chrome OS ability accumulate costs down, but the adamantine deejay affects cossack times and array activity while alms no absolute advantages to compensate. This is Acer’s best appetizing Chromebook yet, but if you appetite Chrome OS again the Samsung is still the one to buy.


Manufacturer and Product Acer C7 Chromebook
Processor 1.1GHz Intel Celeron 847
Hard Disk 320GB 5400rpm HDD
Memory Expansion SD Memory Card
Display 11.6in 1,366 x 768 TFT
Connectors 3x USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, headphone
Front-facing camera 720p
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Battery 2,500mAh
Size and weight 285 x 202 x 25mm, 1.4kg


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