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A adviser to overclocking your CPU — ONE

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Overclocking your PC is not absolutely voodoo, but can accept like it at times. Adjusting settings on your PC, video card, or added accessory in adjustment to get faster or added acceptable accomplishment is an abundantly captious and time-consuming action that’s generally loaded with as abundant abortion as it is with success. It’s absolutely in the branch of things that geeks do because they can. And although it’s ambrosial to anticipate that there is beginning abeyant in your PC’s processor, in abounding cases the abeyant Lenovo Ideapad 3000 CPU cooling fan accolade can be account a lot beneath than it will amount you in time and possibly money.

Still, if you appetite your CPU to, say, crisis numbers faster, overclocking can be a added cost-effective avenue than affairs fresh hardware. Anticipate of it as putting assorted showerheads on your battery to get about baptize breeze restrictions: It may be a pain, but if you’re acknowledged your PC will accomplish added acceptable than it did aback you took it out of the box.

Why you should overclock

Whether overclocking is an accomplishment depends on why you appetite to do it in the aboriginal place. For abounding tinkerers, the alone acknowledgment is additionally the simplest: “So I can acquaint my peers/rivals that I did it.” Overclocking is a claiming loaded with risks and annoyances, and accomplishing it able-bodied is generally a antecedent of pride – and aloof rights – for those who adulation architecture and advance their own computers. Surpassing the 5GHz or 6GHz barrier on a CPU earns you beatnik cred.

Others do it to get added accomplishment out of their PC than they paid for, whether in the abbreviate or the continued term. Their account is that they can get high-end CPU ability out of a added account priced part. (Car enthusiasts are additionally accusable of this blazon of behaviour all the time: “The architect says I can go from 0 to 60mph in 10.6 abnormal in this abridgement car. Let’s see if I can dabble with the agent and get that bottomward to 6 seconds!”)

Why you shouldn’t overclock

There are additionally acceptable affidavit why you shouldn’t try to supercharge your CPU. The best accessible may be the after-effects you derive. Advancement your CPU’s acceleration by 100MHz to 200MHz apparently won’t accomplish Lenovo Thinkpad Sl400 cpu cooling fan your spreadsheets account faster. Consistently bethink that overclocking can’t do the impossible. It will never about-face a two-year-old nettop into a 1080p aerial analogue video alteration machine, for example.

Then there’s the catechism of cost. At the actual least, active apparatus at faster speeds will use added energy, and appropriately accession your electric bills. Purchasing added accessories you charge (such as a aqueous cooler) could additionally put you out some dough.

More likely, you’ll pay in time. Finding your system’s ideal overclocked acceleration is a arduous action that can booty hours or alike days. If tweaking PCs is your hobby, that’s fine, but if you’re on the job the action of overclocking a CPU can booty hours abroad from added advantageous work.

You may additionally pay the ultimate cost: Premature accouterments death. Active your CPU or added apparatus at faster-than-rated speeds capacity them to added calefaction and pressure, and may account them to bake out beforehand than they contrarily would. A acceptable cooling arrangement can abate the likelihood of this happening, but you’re still demography a audible risk.

Can you overclock?

If you anticipate you appetite to try overclocking, you should alpha by free what you can or charge to do. If you’re application a arrangement from a aloft architect (such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, or Acer), it apparently has few or non-existent settings you can adjust; the best way to get a faster computer is aloof to shop for a fresh one.

On the added hand, abounding bazaar arrangement vendors that baby to gamers and enthusiasts overclock their PCs at the factory, so you apparently don’t charge to do annihilation abroad if you don’t appetite to.

Once you apperceive whether your PC is a acceptable applicant for overclocking, you charge to assignment bottomward further. Not all processors can be overclocked, and not all are overclockable to the aforementioned degree. If your processor was fabricated by Intel and its archetypal cardinal ends with the belletrist K or X, or you’re application an AMD processor in that company’s FX series, it’s unlocked. This agency that users can calmly adapt the alarm acceleration of the processor (make it run faster than it was advised or activated for), alike with a banal motherboard. A alleged bound or banal processor can still be overclocked, but you’ll accept to accept the CPU installed on an enthusiast motherboard with added settings to change.

If the words Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Athlon (sans “II”), or Phenom (sans “II”) arise as the CPU in your arrangement ascendancy console or on your system’s case sticker, or if your arrangement originally came with Windows XP, 2000, 98, or earlier, your arrangement is apparently too old to bother overclocking (and will acceptable be added difficult than avant-garde models).

Likewise, if you accessible your PC and are Lenovo Thinkpad T61 cpu cooling fan greeted by three-year-old dust bunnies and tufts of pet hair, don’t overclock your PC. It’s apparently already fatigued from all that dust and detritus, and it won’t booty attentive to any added heat. If you’ve kept it apple-pie with cans of air or an casual vacuum, afresh accord overclocking a attempt – you apperceive how to booty affliction of you stuff.


Regardless of annihilation else, you shouldn’t overclock if you’re at all afflictive about abstruse procedures. Today’s motherboard utilities accomplish the action easier than ever, but any allowances could be outweighed by the arduous alarm you’ll feel if you misread a chat box, bang “OK,” and lock up your PC. And causeless to say, don’t overclock the alone PC in your house. If annihilation goes wrong, you may charge addition PC to attending up a fix if you anytime brick your overclocked PC.

If you’re active a Xeon or Opteron processor forth with a Quadro or FirePro GPU in your able workstation, it’s acceptable you charge that ability for a specific purpose. Don’t meddle with overclock settings (aside from accustomed ascendancy panels that came with your system), because they accept the abeyant to accomplish your arrangement unstable. An ambiguous workstation or a workstation that allotment ambiguous after-effects is about as advantageous as a humidifier in a rain forest.

Getting started

If your computer didn’t access at your aperture overclocked, you can download and install programs for your motherboard that will advice you acclimatize settings and adviser temperatures yourself. Visit the architect of your motherboard’s website to see if there’s a download which is accurately advised for your hardware.

How to Overclock a Processor 1

We awful acclaim application the CPU-Z account during the overclocking process. CPU-Z identifies your processor, motherboard, cartoon card(s), and accordant settings and alarm speeds for all three at any accustomed point, so you’re consistently acquainted of area your arrangement currently stands.

If you appetite to go old academy and do it the adamantine way, apprehend up on alteration the alarm multipliers and voltage settings on your accurate motherboard. If the above-mentioned account reads like an conflicting accent to you, afresh go no further. Alteration these settings afterwards any absorption to their after-effects can advance to a bound up arrangement at best, and a absolutely bashed and burst CPU at worst. Alarm multipliers change the inherent acceleration of the CPU (i.e. the processor expends added energy, runs faster, and works harder), and alteration the voltage settings will about-face added ability to the Lenovo Thinkpad R60 cpu cooling fan or to apparatus like memory. Alteration the alarm acceleration and/or voltage settings will accomplish the PC assignment harder/faster/stronger, admitting at the added accident of things activity amiss or alike afire out physically.

Veteran overclockers will acquaint you to abandoncomputer application and absolute your overclocking absorption to the BIOS or UEFI on the motherboard. However, recentcomputer application utilities do added than pay lip account to overclocking. The best recent enthusiast motherboards are now able abundant to adviser the apparatus to accomplish abiding you are absolutely accepting the overclock you paid for, as able-bodied as attention the apparatus from overheating, or actuality overpowered. Check your motherboard’s chiral for abundant advice about these settings.

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